Iwata Asks: The Music of Super Mario Galaxy 2

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.05.2010 5

Iwata Asks: The Music of Super Mario Galaxy 2 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The original Super Mario Galaxy set the bar high for orchestral sound quality, and the sound team recently got together to discuss the sequel.

The original plan for the second Super Mario Galaxy, Galaxy 1.5 as it was known internally, was to recycle many elements from the first into what looked like an expansion pack. With many new decisions and ideas coming about in Super Mario Galaxy 2, the team had to work on a practically all-new soundtrack to fit, including composing music for the adorable Yoshi.

Mahito Yokota returned to lead the pack, with long-running Nintendo composer Koji Konda supervising development. Miyamoto was also drafted in to make key decisions. He was considering whether or not to include orchestrated pieces in the new game, with it being fairly difficult the first time round but fortunately the team managed to convince him that otherwise. He felt it would be a waste, and we would certainly agree, to ditch the original masterpieces from Galaxy 1, so the new game is made up of new tunes, re-arranged Super Mario Galaxy pieces and selected Mario arrangements.

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Kondo did step in to create some of the tricker songs, including the Yoshi Star, Starship Mario and Bowser Jr. themes. He and Yokata also felt that the world map sound should be kept simple, a loop, to let players relax after earning a star or two. For Yoshi's theme the pair felt that he needed a more primeval, cheeky feel to suit the green dinosaur's character.

The orchestra for Super Mario Galaxy 2 was made up of around 60 members, about 10 from the 50 who worked on the original game.

Thanks to Andriasang for translating.

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It is pretty unsettling that Miyamoto had to make that decision, as if they were scared of including a soundtrack that's better than midi. At least he made the right choice this time.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer
Our member of the week

The orchestrated soundtrack was in my opinion one of the most important igredients that made the first one so great.

I can't even imagine why they had to think twice before incorporating it.

But it's true though, according to the Iwata asks about the first mario galaxy, that making the orchestrated soundtrack for the first required a special additional budget, which Iwata had to unlock for them.

Money, money, money... Smilie

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

A good soundtrack is definitely a highlight of a game. It really sets the mood and makes you feel good.

Nintendo...*sigh*...if there's one franchise where you pull out all of the stops, it's Mario. He's the face of Nintendo. Heck, for most people he's the face of video games. Mario is the best selling video game franchise in history. He's treated you nicely; you should do the same.

( Edited 28.05.2010 03:11 by TAG )

TAG: That American Guy

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." Romans 12:18
Monster_Eh (guest) 28.05.2010#5

Honestly people?
Miyamoto was the one WHO THOUGHT UP of orcherestra for the first game, just be grateful he actually made the right choice...

Seriously, you guys tend to bicker more than you actually discover something good about him...

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