Capcom vs. Grasshopper, killer7 Sequel, The Silver Case Update, Suda51 on MotionPlus

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.05.2010 2

Capcom vs. Grasshopper, killer7 Sequel, The Silver Case Update, Suda51 on MotionPlus on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Cubed3 recently conducted an interview with Goichi Suda where he spoke on several key Nintendo-related topics.

A few days ago the full interview was posted up, talking about today's European release of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, yet there were some other key points discussed, other than the fact that Suda-san does not have plans for a No More Heroes 3. Below are some of the off-topic issues covered:

  • Whilst the decision was made to keep the control system in Desperate Struggle as similar to the original game as possible, Suda-san expressed a desire to eventually make a MotionPlus-compatible title in the future.
  • The idea of putting the NES mini-games in a collection for release on the DSiWare download service is something that Grasshopper will ask publisher Marvelous Entertainment about.
  • Even though many thought the idea of having Travis Touchdown in Smash Bros. was a great idea when Suda-san first mentioned it in previous interviews, this time he revealed that he was sadly only half-kidding about the prospect.
  • Making a version of No More Heroes for the Nintendo DS had never entered Suda-san's head, but he considers the idea to be an 'interesting suggestion.'
  • When asked about resurrecting his seminal PS2/GameCube release killer7, which was originally published by Capcom, it was revealed that a remake would not be sufficient. However, making a new killer7 is definitely something that he is interested in doing.
  • Another update on The Silver Case for DS was given. Cubed3 has been asking about this remake whenever the chance has arisen, and thankfully signs are positive about it. Last time there was an update, former Marvelous Entertainment CEO, Yasuhiro Wada, said the game could hit a download service rather than retail. Now Suda-san has confirmed the production on it has finished, but since it has been 10 years since its original release, and as it was Grasshopper's first ever game, it needs special treatment. Therefore, great care is required before it can be unleashed on a worldwide basis.
  • Finally, the suggestion of a Capcom vs. Grasshopper fighter made Suda-san extremely excited, with him proclaiming that as a 'thank you' to Capcom for its support in the past, he would definitely like to do this, and if Grasshopper's reputation keeps growing, he believes it will 'no longer [be] an impossible dream.'
Be sure to check out the full interview for further details!

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I would like to try a Killer 7 sequel. I might replay the original over the weekend since it's one of those games that are still in my collection and haven't been sold.

I am getting more and more excited about what will eventually happen with The Silver Case! I thoroughly enjoyed Flower, Sun and Rain, so really would like to learn more about the story of Sumio Mondo from before then.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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