Mario Kart Goes Inflatable on Wii

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.05.2010 14

Mario Kart Goes Inflatable on Wii on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The Wii Wheel brought us closer to driving alongside Mario and co, and now one company has decided to take things one step further.

If you're not heavy, ridiculously tall or don't have a swag bag full of coins to spend at the arcade, then this may be the answer for your karting desires - an inflatable go-kart with space to slot in a Wii Remote.

Specially designed for the likes of Nintendo's Mario Kart and other racing games, the accessory from CTA Digital lets you simulate sitting in kart whilst turning and firing shells using the bolt-on wheel.

Unconvinced? Check out their video pitch (via Engadget):

Box art for Mario Kart Wii








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knighty said:


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Ikana said:

Image for

Now if she had a box fan in front of her and guy throwing turtle shells and banana peels at her, it'd be just like the real thing!

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ridiculously tall


Hilarious, but it reminds me of that patent Nintendo filed a while back for a rideable horse. I wonder if it will amount to anything.

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What is she doing from 0:13 to 0:22 ? She's ... pretending to be playing �_� ?





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Phoenixus said:
ridiculously tall


Exactly what I was just thinking.

Thing looks ridiculous anywaySmilie

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And I have no doubt that you'll be the most popular person on the block when people hear that you have this for your Wii games.

Yes, if your block is crammed with 5 year olds. XD

It requires great courage to look at oneself honestly, and forge one's own path.

Ah CTA Digital, contributing to global warming thanks to all the trash they're releasing...

Mamoon (guest) 01.06.2010#13

I guess this is a pretty good a idea to present a some what of a simulator to the younger audience but as we all know people like me who are to old for this won't get it unless they have a kid. Then again i'm only 14 so it looks cool,so I guess they might as well try to make more money for a game that was big that released a while back but is still popular today

maia jones (guest) 08.06.2010#14

um Really don't about the cart it seems to me that it only for little children I MEAN REALLY I can't see an adult being able to fit it with out busting the thing plus it looks silly for adult to sit in it um I really won't be buy this thing because like it will cost a arm and leg and looks like might bust if a child plays rough trust me I know children Because I worked in daY CARE before and also baby sit and children can be rough on things my little cousin got a dsi for her birthday last december and the thing looks like it been thought a war zone I had dsi for a year and it still looks new but she only 8 and has 2 year brother so thats why it looks like hell but it still works plus I am a adult and I take better care of my stuff because I spent good money my dsi I don't children near my handle held or my xbox 360 but the wii is for famliy and freinds so just watch the childern under 16 really cosely so they don't break the wii or send the wii remote into the flat screen or more that they don't themself or others ( note to parents) if your spend your money things like the wii or the dsi/ds make sure you buy the warrnty and watching closely while they play theese things and don't buy children m rated games for children it really saddens me to see parent buying m rate games for their children I was in gamestop the other day and this parent was buying a m rated game for her nine or ten year old he was talking he liked to blow people heads off now what says to him self hmm I like to people heads explode on games so I am going to try it real life children that age don't whats reall or fake and they tend to copy what they see or hear though videos tv movies and video games and this is not good so parent please stick games to fit their age don't buy them rate games no matter how they cry for it or sorry forgetting off the topic but I think that we should create a new topic in which we talk about children and violent video games. Hey cubed staff can we make this a topic please please if so you reach me at capt xena 31@ GMAIL .COM

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