Etrian Odyssey III & Rune Factory 3 for US

By Adam Riley 30.05.2010 1

Etrian Odyssey III & Rune Factory 3 for US on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo Power has seemingly confirmed that two eagerly awaited RPGs for DS are heading to the US. The Table of Contents preview of the latest issue of US publication Nintendo Power lists Sonic Colors and the de Blob sequel, but also has two listings that will certainly be interesting to Nintendo DS owners with a penchant for role-playing, farming and dungeon crawling. First up is Atlus' Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City, which will be great news to US DS owners, but a harsh reminder that even though Nintendo published the first entry in the series here in Europe, it has overlooked the second game so far. Secondly is Natsume bringing over Marvelous Entertainment's third portable Harvest Moon spin-off RPG, Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. Again, whilst Europe finally got the first DS game, with the Wii edition arriving here recently, Rune Factory 2 is not expected here until later in 2010, so whether or not the third game will make it across before Summer 2011 is unsure, but at least die-hard fans will be able to import from the US.

Are you pleased to see these third entries already apparently confirmed for a US release?

Box art for Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon



Rising Star


Real Time RPG



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Own both Etrian Odyssey games as well as both Rune Factory games so this IS great news for me. Have to start saving $70 for the 3rd part of both series...

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