EA Shafts Ice Hockey onto Wii, New Periperhal

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.05.2010 2

EA Shafts Ice Hockey onto Wii, New Periperhal on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Almost every sport has done the peripheral rounds on Wii, and now EA are set to introduce another: ice hockey.

NHL Slapsot from EA Sports will be the first game to introduce a funky new hockey stick periperhal that houses both the Wii Remote and nunchuck, much like the Wii Zapper with a heel/toe plopped on at the end. It's not quite full sized at 21 inches/53 cm, but it has been approved by Nintendo for use.

MotionPlus, which you might expect in a sports title, isn't being used as "two signals sent to the Wii, it triangulates the signal. So it basically gives you more accuracy." The stick detects slap, wrist shots, body and poke checks with the B button used as a modifier to perform other moves. It's not essential though, as you will be able to play with the WiiRemote alone.

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There'll be a unique career/pro mode to work though as well, offering players to take on a 12-year-old and work their through over 30 years of sweat and pain, seeing their newly-formed virtual offspring grow to a fully-grown player.

Wayne Gretzky, retired NHL star, will make a return to front the game.

According to Canoe.ca, the game will be in stores from September.

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mamoon (guest) 01.06.2010#1

huh i guess

Again EA proves that they think the Wii is a stupid kiddie toy. I hope this bombs, anyone interested in hockey should just go out and buy the NHL 2K11 exclusive for Wii this year.

And EA, this strategy bombed for Madden, why would it work for the NHL? Tiger Woods with Motion Plus did great, Grand Slam Tennis did OK, just do a good WM+ NHL title.

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