Square Enix Cancels Blood of Bahamut

By Adam Riley 03.06.2010 2

Square Enix Cancels Blood of Bahamut on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Those still clinging onto the hope of seeing Blood of Bahamut in the West will be disappointed to hear that it now seems like Square Enix has completely ditched the idea of bringing it over to the West following lower than expected sales of the game upon its domestic release in Japan.

Debuting back at the start of August, not long after Dragon Quest IX, its first week of sales were a much lower than expected 32,000, but it crawled along for several weeks after that, eventually dropping out of the Media Create Top 50 at the end of September with sales around the 80,000 unit mark. A firm lifetime sales figure is currently unknown. However, with an English localisation actually mentioned in the game's credits, the title that ran off a considerably tweaked Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings game engine, was clearly planned for a Western release. In fact, Square Enix even went as far as filing a US trademark for Blood of Bahamut.

Now that trademark has been dropped, signalling the end of any hope that we will see even a US release:

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There is a slim chance it could be coming over under a new name instead, but as with Sigma Harmonics on DS, the sad reality is that Square Enix has once more chosen to ignore the massive DS market here in the West, just as it has done for games such as Nanashi no Game, Front Mission: 2089 and SaGa II.

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It was probably not very good anyway.


Our member of the week

i played this game some time ago. I really enjoyed the sort time i spent on it (though i didn't get much of the plot).

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