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By Shane Jury 15.06.2010 15

E310 Media | Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Alongside a legion of Platformer showcases at Nintendo's E3 conference, including Kirby: Epic Yarn and Epic Mickey, Nintendo have revealed just what Retro Studios have been cooking up in their development houses; the 4th instalment of the classic Donkey Kong Country line, Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Following K.Rool's example, a group of evil Tiki animals have stolen D.K's Banana Hoard, and it is up to you to get them back. Returns stays with the established 2D platformer style, with classic elements, like the K.O.N.G letters, Barrel Cannons, and Mine Carts in all their glory.
Previous Country games featured Two Player competitive modes, but Returns will be the first to allow a co-op mode together, as player two takes control of Diddy Kong, who brings along his Jack Pack and Peanut Pop Guns for the ride. In what could be described as a variation on Nintendo's Super Guide, novice players can allow Diddy to ride on DK's back, to help with tougher sections of levels.

Image for E310 Media | Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii

Image for E310 Media | Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii

Stay with C3 for Screens and Updates on Donkey Kong Country Returns as they are released.

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Looks great for retro-newness.
But I still would rather have Retro work on a new IP Smilie

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What a waste of resources. This is what Retro have been quiet for a whole year. Fans keep pesturing for kid icarus. So nintendo gets retro to make a 2d DK.

Im guessing this has been inspired by the amount of money NSMB has made. Hopefully Retro will have the balls to be creative rather then pay homage to whats gone before.

PMD (guest) 15.06.2010#3

I guess Kid Icarus was already being made by the man himself, but still, I don't think that this is using Retro's talents to the fullest extent.

Jim (guest) 15.06.2010#4

Please go away haters.

I highly doubt Retro are working on just this. Smilie

I have been overly critical. I love DK. I loved the 2D games and Im not against new 2D games. But I regard retro as one of the best studios under nintendos wing.

It would have been good to take the reigns of and say what could you bring to the table for the loyal fans.

Im a very sceptical person. I cant help but think that they thought NSMB sold so well. This might have similar impact and it will help keep the veterans really happy. Another 2 birds with 1 stone attitude.

But just saw the zelda trailer and best e3 ever!

I love the 2D DK games. I'm pleased that they are doing this instead of 3D. This game looks great! Nintendo is returning us to the Golden Age of 2D platforming.

"Do a Barrel Roll!"

Totally awesome! DKC is back.. and thank god its not DK64 pt2. That was such a waste of cash!

I'm hoping it has the same style of music as DKC 1 and 2!! Those were such awesome games Smilie

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DKC is one of my favourite game series ever so seeing the return of it makes me jizz my pants. Looks fantastic.

This looks amazing. The original is one of my favourite games ever, and the remixed music sounds great too. Can't wait.

Fantastic that DK is finally back, his track record is easily one of the best in gaming when it comes to his mainseries titles.

It's just a shame that the graphics in this aren't quite up there with Jungle Beat's. What's up with that Retro?

PS. I'm very happy that Retro are working on this. A western developer working on a Japanese franchise? It's almost as if... *sniff* Rare are still here with us... Smilie

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The graphics could be much better but it's nice to see Retro work on something vastly different to Metroid Prime. Will let us see if their talents extend beyond First Person Metroid. Smilie



Also, DKC Returns visuals >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NSMBWii visuals...

( Edited 16.06.2010 10:57 by Marzy )

I'm super excited about this! I can't wait to get this game! I have always been a huge fan of Donkey Kong.

Bobby (guest) 19.06.2010#15

Next up for them Retro, a New Zelda like we got NSMBWii .. ALTTP style, god id be broke with all this awesome 2D goodness, not to mention the 3DS or as i like to call it the £DS

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