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E310 Media | Metal Gear Solid Sneaks onto 3DS

E310 Media | Metal Gear Solid Sneaks onto 3DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

As part of the initial 3DS line-up, Nintendo and Konami have announced a version of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater for 3DS.

The third installment in the Metal Gear Solid was mentioned during Nintendo's E3 2010 conference, with Hideo Kojima heading the project for Nintendo's new 3D platform. Details are limited, but screens for The Naked Sample have surfaced:

Image for E310 Media | Metal Gear Solid Sneaks onto 3DS

Image for E310 Media | Metal Gear Solid Sneaks onto 3DS

Image for E310 Media | Metal Gear Solid Sneaks onto 3DS

More candid shots of Solid Snake in action can be found in the game's album below.

Are you a fan of the original PlayStation 2 game - are you excited for a 3DS release?

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16.06.2010 01:11



Box art for Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D

Kojima Productions







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And another franchise I love! I'm glad to see it back on a Nintendo console. Can't wait for this too. I think I'm gonna pass out with the excitement. lol Smilie

Good news, I missed out on the 3rd installment, played the first two and PSP titles, was thinking of dusting the PS2 off and tracking down a copy but think will wait for this insteas. Especially now the 3DS is must have

I never got to play Snake Eater so this is GREAT news. From the screens, it's looking gorgeous.

Very impressive! I have both MGS3: Snake Eater and the 'Director's Cut' version Subsistence on my PS2. I notice they've incorporated the enemy-tracking ring from MGS4 (visible on the shot of Snake crossing the bridge). From a graphical-standpoint, it looks really great. The character models seem roughly equivalent to the PS2 original, and the environments seem to only have suffered slight downgrades. Looks better than Portable Ops, from this standpoint.

The low-resolution does stand out for me, though.

Snke (guest) 20.06.2010 16:38#5


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