E310 Media | Donkey Kong Country Returns - E3 Walkthrough

By Jorge Ba-oh 23.06.2010 5

E310 Media | Donkey Kong Country Returns - E3 Walkthrough on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Retro Studios is working on their own take on the classic Donkey Kong Country franchise, with a swing-tastic demo shown at E3.

NoA's Todd Buechelle gives a rundown of the classic features kept intact, as well as some of the new depths and additions included in Retro's modern Wii vision. Both Donkey Kong and Diddy are playable solo or through a deliciously appealing co-operative feature. Expect plenty of bananas, mine carts, vines and bizzare bosses to overcome.

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Shadow EXP (guest) 23.06.2010#1

Awsome i love DKC been so long. Nicely played Nintendo.

I really hate shaking the remote to trigger a reaction but apart from that looks good.

Can you still have Diddy follow you even in single Player? I liked how you lost one of them when you got hurt and can only get them back through barrels.

That guys is scary. Would make a great traitor or serial killer in a movie.

Hey guys,

I'm just having a ponder here but the game feels too bright to me.

I've been spending the last few days looking at DKC1 and 2 and thats the benchmark. They somehow had that gritty feeling, dark too - like it was a real world.

Atm I dont get that feeling from the videos, plus the music. I wonder if it will align to the DKC series of old?Smilie

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