£350 for Rockstar Art Book Trio

By Jorge Ba-oh 21.07.2010 2

£350 for Rockstar Art Book Trio on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

To celebrate over a decade of games and Grand Theft Auto from developer Rockstar, a trio of artbooks will soon hit the market.

According to Joystiq, Digital + Analogue: The Art and Science of Rockstar Games, is the visual encyclopaedia of anything and almost everything Rockstar aims to encompass the drawings, unique designs and the development conveyor-belt behind the company's popular titles.

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Whilst a majority of Rockstar projects have been for PlayStation, PC and Xbox, there have been a solid handful of gems gracing Nintendo platforms including Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Grand Theft Auto Advance. The studio has also had a decent run on Wii with the likes of the slightly controversial Manhunt 2, Bully and Table Tennis.

The combined total for all three books will come to a wallet-crunching £350 ($450.00, €352.00), coming soon to Steidlville.

Box art for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Rockstar Leeds







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OntheDoleXD (guest) 21.07.2010#1


that's how much my laptop cost...

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