Rumour: Capcom vs Namco Incoming?

By Jorge Ba-oh 20.07.2010 11

Rumour: Capcom vs Namco Incoming? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A new rumour has popped up suggesting a delicious treat for fighting fans: A 2.5D and 3D duel between fighting faves Capcom and Namco.

A trailer for a new fighting game is set to make its debut at Comic Con this weekend, and if a rumour posted on GameInformer is to be believed, that game will be "Capcom vs Namco" and "Namco vs Capcom".

The report suggests that Capcom vs Namco would use the Street Fighter IV engine, be designed and play like a Capcom fighter. Namco vs Capcom, on the otherhand, would be built up by Namco and use the Tekken 6 engine as a side-stepping 3D fighter.

Would you be up for a brawl between the two famed fighting studios? Both companies have paired up before in Japan-only action RPG Namco × Capcom, so anything is possible!

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I'd probably end up getting both, especially if they had different characters. I love Namco and Capcom's characters..... so this is kinda like a dream game or sommet idk.

But man playing as Capcom characters with Tekken or Soulcalibur style would be weird. If only one of the games existed I'd rather it be Capcom Vs Namco tbh.

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I could see Capcom vs. Namco working better. Like its not uncommon to fight a whole match in Tekken without sidestepping. The only problem sould be the projectiles, we'd have to many Fei Long style characters on the namco side. Would be great though.

Tzeench (guest) 21.07.2010#3

They should call it juggling vs ryu's fireballs.

Missed the games where you actually fought and could get out of moves/combo's.

Ryu Ken Chun Lee (guest) 21.07.2010#4

FUCKING SICKKKK! Can u imagine Mega Man vs Heyhatchi and Jin vs like Frank West! IM GONNA CUM RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!SmilieSmilie

It better be true.

Only if Archer is playable.

It requires great courage to look at oneself honestly, and forge one's own path.

Sounds good, but didn't they release a Capcom vs. Namco title for the PS2 in Japan a few years back?

I'd much rather have Street Fighter vs. The King of Fighters (strictly characters from their respective series; with selectable anime style gfx and gameplay of both Capcom and SNK) and Marvel vs. DC. Oh, yeah. 8)

Chance favors the prepared mind.
Raven (guest) 22.07.2010#7


That was Namco x Capcom it was an action RPG

Man this would be great if true, definitely love Capcom characters - and wonder who would make the Namco cut given it's not "Street Fighter vs Tekken"

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

jb said:
Man this would be great if true, definitely love Capcom characters - and wonder who would make the Namco cut given it's not "Street Fighter vs Tekken"

Aaaah plenty.

Tales characters, from a plethora of Tales games, Klonoa, Soulcalibur characters, Pac-Man, Xenosaga.

Might not have a Capcom plethora but there's a lot to choose from really.

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Street Fighter X Tekken - confirmed @Comic Con

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Squidboy said:
Street Fighter X Tekken - confirmed @Comic Con

We know man, I made a thread about it and it was mentioned in this newsie Smilie

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