New footage from NBA Jam Wii

By Jorge Ba-oh 22.07.2010 2

New footage from NBA Jam Wii on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

In EA's forthcoming sequel to the classic NBA Jam series you'll be able to take on some of the toughest b-ballers, including the likes of the Magic Johnson.

The new game, currently exclusive to Wii, brings back the flaming balls, over-the-top jumps and fast paced basketball love, complete with stylised faces of some of the best players in the world of NBA.

Box art for NBA Jam

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Looks pretty good and it sounds like they remixed the cool, catchy theme from the megadrive NBA which I loved Smilie

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Oh man! I had such great times with this on the SNES back in the day and I still do. I'll definitely pick this up when I can.

Hopefully there will be a gamecube controller option. :/

Like video game music?!
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