Square Embarking on a Mystic Quest?

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.07.2010 1

Square Embarking on a Mystic Quest? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

An inclusion for Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest in the Australian rating's board suggests a version of the SNES classic for Virtual Console.

Siliconera report that the "Final Fantasy for beginners" has been approved by the OLFC, paving the way for a possible entry in the Wii's classic game catalogue.

The 1992 game stripped Final Fantasy of some of its trademark features, including random battles and a free-roaming map, in favour of a simpler, more linear way of walking about and approaching an enemy sprite to do battle.

Box art for Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
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Mystic Quest Legend






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Guest 27.07.2010#1

Bought this for my SNES last year. A fun game with great music, but very very repetitive. You'll do battle after battle basically.

Tip; get one of those controllers with a turbo button.

( Edited 27.07.2010 08:59 by .Bart. )

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