Dragon's Lair Trilogy Awakens on Wii

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.07.2010 6


Classic Laserdisc adventure game series Dragon's Lair is returning to the living room with the trilogy receiving a Wii port.

The game was originally released back almost 30 years ago in 1983, featuring the adventures of Dirk the Daring who attempts to resure poor Princess Daphne from a diabolical dragon. Despire the Laserdisc format being a flop, the franchise has seen a strong following and several ports across many platforms since.

Now publisher Destineer is bringing all three Dragon's Lair games to the Wii. The single disc features all of the original modes, remastered animation and "Watch Mode" for those who'd rather scoff a load of popcorn and play through the action with their eyes.

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There was a trillogy O_o

Also, aside from the amazing animation/graphics at the time....am I the only one here that thinks it was the most boring, stupid and irritating play mechanics ever created?

I mean, maybe it gets more complex later, but couldn't the whole "interactivity" be done quite easily with even just a DVD?

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Trepe (guest) 31.07.2010#2

I've actually got the first one on a DVD. It's not a very good game.

Aye, this game was rubbish.

The third one gasve the player actual control over press button at right time sequences, but was still rubbish

And the 2D NES game was nigh on impossible unless you had memorised all the patterns.

( Edited 31.07.2010 19:50 by Lrrr )

cruisim usa (guest) 01.08.2010#4

Rubbish. Bargain bin LOL

What was the 3rd Dragon's lair game? Other sites are reporting this as being Dragon's Lair 1 and 2 and Space Ace.

Dragons Lair 3D maybe? It was a PS2/XBox title.

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