WIN: Batman The Brave and the Bold on Wii and DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 21.09.2010 3

Everyone's favourite caped crusader made an animated return to living room in 2008 with Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and was brought to life on the Wii and DS thanks to the folk at Wayforward Technologies.

To celebrate the release of the new game, Cubed3 has partnered with Warner Bros. Interactive to offer four fans the chance to win copies of the game!

What you can win:

  • 2x Batman: The Brave and the Bold for Wii.
  • 2x Batman: The Brave and the Bold for DS
  • In The Brave and the Bold players take the role of Batman and allies from the world of DC Comics to face off against familiar and new adversaries in dangerous back-alleys, bizzare alien worlds and mysterious laboratories.

    To enter the competition answer the following question, leaving your username and email address.

    Which super hero does not team up with Batman in Batman: The Brave and the Bold?

    A.) Robin
    B.) Green Lantern
    C.) Spider-man
    D.) Blue Beetle

    Your Username:
    Your Email:

    Competition closes 4th October 2010, 6pm. UK Members only. Good luck!

    Competition Rules

  • UK based entrants only.
  • Entrants must be registered members of Cubed3 to take part.
  • Competition not open to employees of Cubed3 or Warner Bros.
  • The competition ends on 4th October 2010. 6pm GMT. Winners will be notified through a news post and via e-mail.
  • Winners must provide their details within five days of being contacted by Cubed3. Failing this another entrant will be selected at random.
  • Entries are limited to one per person and per household. The submitting of duplicate or multiple entries shall result in instant disqualification, unless stated otherwise. The decision made as to the winner is final and no correspondence shall be entered into. There is no cash alternative for the prize. We do not hold responsibility for the prize being lost, delayed or damaged during postage.

    Box art for Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    WayForward Technologies


    Warner Bros


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    Foiled! By geographic location again! Next time you won't be so lucky!

    Damn, I was about to hit "Enter Competition" when I did a double take and read "UK only". Oh well, best of luck to those that are eligible.

    Do you win both Wii and DS versions, or is it only the one?

    Would want the Wii version, but not DS.

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