Donkey Kong Returning to Wii in December

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.09.2010 4

Donkey Kong Returning to Wii in December on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Donkey Kong and his peanut-popping chum Diddy are returning to the platforming jungle on Wii, and in time for Christmas.

Donkey Kong Country Returns, made by the folks at Retro Studios, has been confirmed by Nintendo to swing over to Europe on December 3rd 2010. The new game reworks the classic Country setup with new mechanics shared between both Kongs, rich 3D visuals and a whole load of banana collect, mine-cart hopping, peanut-popping, rhino riding love.

Will you be adding the new Donkey Kong game to your Christmas list?

Box art for Donkey Kong Country Returns





2D Platformer



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The perfect Christmas present. It will be like opening up Donkey Kong Country on Christmas day, when I was a child.

Really looking forward to playing this.

Really sucks that Kirby didn't get a Christmas release as well :/

I'm definitely looking forward to playing this, especially since it's from Retro Studios.

Fab stuff, definitely considering this for Christmas - co-op is a blast, going to be good fun!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I still remember the Christmas I opened up DKC for SNES. *sniff*

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