Nintendo's Flirty Wii Party US Promo

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.09.2010 6


Wii Party will help you bag a cute guy or girl and ditch jealous boyfriends, says Nintendo's latest promo for the game.

The lengthy advert sees a group of teenagers bopping about, stacking cheese and generally having a good time - but what's better than drink, dance and food? A healthy and flirty game of Wii Party, guranteed to help you score big points... on the Wii.

It's likely some of the starts of the campaign were scouted in Nintendo's Wii Party ad opportunity posted at the beginning of September.

Will you be whipping out your Wii Remote in a party near you?

Box art for Wii Party








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Richard (guest) 29.09.2010#1

Surely you would have to be somewhat of a sad person to actually give up a party for Wii Party. [rolleyes]

Amusing campaign but it's so cheesy it really can't work.

Looks like something Ubishaft would put together!

This is a party I would not want to go to!

Joey (guest) 29.09.2010#2

LOL seriously what the fuck?! Girl is smokin tho! Smilie

Ian (guest) 29.09.2010#3

Richard (guest) said:

Amusing campaign but it's so cheesy it really can work.

Fixed that for you

That was the most horrifically bad Nintendo advertisement I've ever seen.

wow, didn't anyone else, feel that the resemblance, between the blonde (in the ad) looks a bit like fred, from scooby doo.

But that is quite funny, tho that everyone ditched the dj to go play the game.

This seems like a trailer for some lame teen flick, not a Nintendo game. NoA, I am disgusted. D:

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