Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Secret Ending

By Jorge Ba-oh 08.10.2010 6

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Secret Ending on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

In the DS remake of Kingdom Hearts Coded there'll be a "secret talk" that hints at the future of the series. Catch that conversation inside.

The much anticipated secret was tweeted at the start of this week by series director Tetsuya Nomura, and has since been captured in video form by KH13 (via Siliconera). The two minutes worth of juicy gossip is rather spolier-ish, so we do recommend turning swiftly away now if you don't wish to spoil Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and potentially ruin Kingdom Hearts 3DS at the same time.

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Couldn't keep from watching the video... Smilie

Wow! The KH:Recoded & Birth By Sleep story lines, they make sense! Now I have an idea of what KH3DS will be about... I think anyway.

Nah KH3D will mix the story up more supposedly from what Nomura has said, so it can all come together in KH3

Vince (guest) 09.10.2010#3

I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Sora and Riku will be taking the Mark of Mastery. Like Terra and Aqua did before them. And Yen Sid used to be a Master. But he retired and decided to be on his own.

This is going to be an epic adventure for Sora, Riku, and the King to find the lost Keyblade Masters.

Prepare yourself, Xehanort. Once they find the Keyblade Masters, you will fall to Darkness and never come back.

Long live, Kingdom Hearts. Smilie

Garath (guest) 10.10.2010#4

KH is awesome! 3ds is going to be great! Smilie

Guest (guest) 10.10.2010#5

Actually scratch that. My mind was elsewhere.

Guest (guest) 10.10.2010#6

I think as Sora is already a Keyblade master. It will be Riku and Kairi that will take the mark of mastery test to parallel Aqua and Terra.

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