Atlus Shows Off Radiant Historia for the Nintendo DS

By Stuart Lawrence 26.10.2010 6

Atlus Shows Off Radiant Historia for the Nintendo DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

C3 hasn’t had much coverage of Atlus’ new RPG Radiant Historia of the Nintendo DS, but that’s all changed with new videos that have come to light showing new gameplay footage.

Radiant Historia is a Time-Traveling RPG taking place in the World of Vainguer in a war between two lands, the holy nation of the East, Alicetel and in the West, Granorg, a massive land ruled by Queen Protea. Alicetel’s Land is slowly turning into Sand and a disease is spreading turning people into sand, which it’s people call, “Sandman Disease”.

In the game, you play as a character called Stock, a secret agent for the land of Alicetel, who is captured by the Government of Granorg, and then severely injured after a rescue attempt, only to find himself in the land of Historia, which is warped by time and space. Stock finds himself surrounded by children that give him the ability to travel through time and space, and he’ll use this power to save the world.

Here are the two videos showing gameplay footage:

Radiant Historia is set for a Japanese Release date on November 3rd this year.

What do you think of the gameplay footage? Would you want this game to add to your DS collection?

Box art for Radiant Historia





Turn Based RPG



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3D world looks nice but the sprites could really use a few more frames in there animation, looks really weird they way he runs around.

Another RPG by Atlus for my DS is always great news.

JayEl (guest) 27.10.2010#3

Thumbs up for any RPG, but could they please rework the footstep sounds? (hope you can change the volume of those)

Big let down from a great developer. This looks and sounds terrible.

Like video game music?!
Do a Barrel Roll!<

Yeah, it doesn't look great, hopefully it'll turn out better by realise, but I doubt it.

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idk this seems kinda low quality for atlus. i mean it doesn't look bad just low res and confusing maybe its just the clips

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