Michael Jackson: The Experience Ghosts Trailer

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.10.2010 8

Michael Jackson: The Experience Ghosts Trailer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The King of Pop makes a return to the dancing scene with the Michael Jackson: The Experience. Dance to the 1997 hit Ghosts inside.

Buried amongst the string of popular hits is the feature song behind Jackson's short film of the same name. Although not as popular as your Billie Jeans and Smooth Criminals, the 1997 single gets you off the sofa in time for Halloween.

Michael Jackson: The Experience is due out November 23rd across all major systems, with PS3 Move and Xbox Kinect editions following next year.

Box art for Michael Jackson: The Experience








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European release date Nov 2010   North America release date Nov 2010   Japan release date TBA   Australian release date TBA   

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Id much rather this format than some kind of story to it Smilie Since Michel and an actual story has never really, fit. *thinks of moonwalker and shivers* but this looks about right, just dancing to some good music, s'looking good.

Tune! Love this song, and "Is it Scary?". Might just get this!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Ghosts, buried, Thriller zombies...

Are you trying to imply something about Michael here?

Saphy (guest) 28.10.2010#4

the video wont load!!Smilie:-x

liv (guest) 28.10.2010#5

lushSmilie8)your text here

Game just keeps getting better and better. If anyone deserved a dance game it was MJ.

Simon (guest) 18.11.2010#7

It's not even Michael. Sad.

estaw rt43tqt dsfgat ...............!!!!!!!!!SmilieSmilieSmilie8)

( Edited 19.11.2010 10:15 by calmont )

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