Ubisoft to Jiggle to a Third Just Dance Game?

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.10.2010 4

Ubisoft to Jiggle to a Third Just Dance Game? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

With Just Dance 2 released earlier this month, reports are suggesting an annual trend with the next game pitched for 2011.

According to an anonymous source speaking to NintendoLife, the follow-up to this year's funky Wii dance-off will arrive in time for next year's holiday season. With both Microsoft and Sony trying to push their motion controlled offerings, could the future of Just Dance be multiplatform?

Ubisoft have yet to confirm a third game, but with the first two proving successful, a sequel isn't too far off the cards.

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If it'll sell, sell it.

The game going multi-platform seems inevitable, I recall there were rumours of this happening at this years e3.

I think the bulk of the potential audience associate this kind of game with Wii, and I think would prefer to get it on Wii.

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Makes sense. They have a franchise that is selling a lot of copies so making it a yearly release is the least they can do.

They should rename them to "Just Dance 201x", like the FIFA games. It could include the top 25 songs of that year. Including that year's mix of DJ Earworm. Smilie
Although I think he only has it ready in early January.

James (guest) 29.10.2010#4

That's Nintendo Life, guys Smilie

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