Mario Anniversary Bundled Heads for US

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.10.2010 10

Mario Anniversary Bundled Heads for US on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has finally confirmed a release of the Wii edition of Super Mario All-Stars to celebrate the franchise's anniversary.

The bundle will be similiar to the one on offer for Europe and Japan - classic Mario games on a Wii disc, including the original Super Mario Bros trilogy, Lost Levels and the swanky Mario booklet and over twenty years of composer Koji Kondo on a soundtrack CD.

The entire package will be on the shelves for a limited time from December 12th for $29.99.

The game recently did exceptionally well over in Japan, dismissing Pokemon Black and White and flogging over 300,000 units in just three days.

Box art for Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Edition





2D Platformer



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So, what, it will probably be about £20 over here?

PMD (guest) 29.10.2010#2

Wii games are normally $50 in the US (except GH and RockBand games, which are $60- greedy bastards). So in the UK, it will probably be a little over half the price of a normal Wii game.

I just want to know if the PAL version will be in 50hz or not. Smilie

Igore (guest) 29.10.2010#4

FINALLY NINTENDO! Been gagging for this announcement for weeks, thank god it's coming Stateside. Probably Reggie trying to say NO to the game What a twat

I plan on getting this. it looks awesome.

Woo hoo!
I will be definitely be getting this!

w00t!! DAY ONE PURCHASE!!! Smilie it wrong I wish it came with a code to download SMAS on VC instead of having it on disc? It's driving me nuts that it'll be the only classic Mario game that's not on VC... and it happens to be one of my all time favorites... Smilie OCD FTL... ugh.

( Edited 29.10.2010 17:34 by MechaG2 )

Chance favors the prepared mind.

So.....have we got a release date? Or even a confirmed UK release?

is it coming to UK??????????

Scorp said:
is it coming to UK??????????

It's out in the UK on December 3rd. No price has been confirmed yet. Smilie

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