Nintendo Post Six Month Loss Report

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.10.2010 6

Nintendo Post Six Month Loss Report on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has posted its financial report detailing April through to September, stating a loss of ¥2.01 billion.

For the last six months ending September 30th the company suffered a profit loss of ¥2.01 billion ($24.7 million), compared to a profit gain of ¥69.5 billion ($854.6 million) the same period in 2009.

Revenue for fell to ¥363.2 billion ($4.5 billion) from ¥548.1 billion ($6.7 billion) the year before.

The main reasons behind the relatively weeker performance this time round was the increasing strength of the Japanese Yen against the US dollar, affecting conversions from business outside Japan. Also, despite hardware figures for both the DS and Wii proving strong, both consoles have suffered a slight dip in sales.

Up until September 30th 2010:

  • 75.9 million units of the Wii have been sold worldwide since the console's launch in 2006.
  • 10.8 million Wii in Japan, 35.9 million in America and 29.2 million in the rest of the world.
  • Total Wii software sales come to around 610 million units.
  • 135.6 million units of the DS have been sold worldwide since the console's release in 2004.
  • 31.6 million in Japan, 49.3 million in America and 54.8 million in the rest of the world.
  • Total DS software sales come to 773.3 million since 2004.
  • Nintendo are looking to recoup losses with a strong holiday line-up planned for both the Wii and DS, and the new 3DS console out before the end of fiscal year 2011 (March 2011).

    The company are predicting over 4 million 3DS to be sold in the first quarter, with around 15 million games in the same period expected to leap out at early adopters.

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    PMD (guest) 29.10.2010#1

    There are 2 reasons for the loss.
    1. Nintendo payed some sort of currency write-off of almost $800 million during this time period.
    2. They are probably buying parts for the 3DS, which is cutting into profit.

    So if you remove the currency write off, that's a $750 million profit.

    Super Mario Galaxy 2's received 5.1 million unit sales worldwide.

    3DS Code 2578-3122-0744

    It's important to note that it's a 'profit loss'. Nintendo still made a huge profit, but it was a little less than last half year's.

    So I think the title is misleading.

    Well, it sure costs quite a lot to produce millions of 3DS units in advance to ensure that there won't be any shortages this time. With all the hype though, I still think that there will be shortages when it comes out in March.

    Martin S (guest) 29.10.2010#5

    It's all Shiggy's fault, releasing Galaxy 2 and all.

    Mario Galaxy 2 did better then I expected actually.

    As for the high yen, more flexible pricing would help deal with that. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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