Epic Mickey: Epic Score Trailer

By Richard 30.10.2010 4

Epic Mickey: Epic Score Trailer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Disney Interactive Studios have released a new behind the scenes trailer for their upcoming adventure game, Epic Mickey.

The new trailer focuses on the fantastic musical score world renown composer Jim Dooley has crafted, which has already received a nomination for "Best Original Score - Video Game" by the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. According to the games Producer, the equally renown Warren Spector, the games music is capable of bringing players close to tears with the emotion it can evoke.

The Junction Point developed platform-adventure is scheduled for release in Europe on November 25th. The game will arrive few days later in the US on November 30th.

Box art for Disney Epic Mickey

Junction Point




3D Platformer



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Musical scores that will bring me to tears? That would be quite an achievement for Epic Mickey because only Okami managed to have that effect on me so far.Smilie

If it's anything like Super Mario Galaxy's soundtrack, then I'm sure I will get teary.

It really does look epic.

I think the 2D sections look really bland and pointless. Maybe they've only shown of the simple first few levels but they seem really shallow when compared to the classic Mickey Mania which nailed the nostalgia/retro theme.

Still, it's looking like the best Disney game in years. Smilie

Everyday I'm closer to having the CE of Epic Mickey added to my collection.

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