Donkey Kong Gets Super Kong Help

By Jorge Ba-oh 10.11.2010 10

Donkey Kong Gets Super Kong Help on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Donkey Kong's return to the platforming jungle promises to be one of his hardest adventures yet, but there will be help!

The new game, Donkey Kong Country Returns, finds both Donkey and Diddy Kong faced with a whole slew of classic and new problems to overcome, and in the latest trailer the pair are found evading dangerous boulders, huge bats and other viscious traps.

It's fun, but it's hard - and to help players overcome certain situations developer Retro Studios has included Nintendo's "Super Guide" feature - a white version of Donkey Kong who'll finish a level if you need him. The albino simian, dubbed "Super Kong", makes an appearance if you lose over eight lives at one time. Whilst he'll do the hard work, he won't collect any bananas or other secrets, that'll be down to you!

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The Super Guide really is a brilliant addition to such games. I appreciate that it's making a return in DKC Returns(Smilie) even though I'll never make use of it. I never used it in SMG2 either(well, not to mention that I only saw it once in the next to last level) but it's great to know that less skilled players can get through the game too without giving up and putting the game away due to frustration. Not to mention that they can get through a very tricky part of the game, keep playing and eventually get better at it.

I hope they do something in that form in Skyward Sword. I'd love some damn hard challenges in a Zelda game again.Smilie

( Edited 09.11.2010 20:14 by SirLink )

Peter G (guest) 10.11.2010#2

Retarded. DK should be kept for the pros not grannies who can't jump!

Nobody HAS to use it. It is there for those who choose to do so.

Why are people so Cranky about this addition?

( Edited 10.11.2010 00:17 by Marzy )

fffs (guest) 10.11.2010#4

sorry, but the developers seem to have no idea of what us old snes gamers went through when playing this game or any other game back in the 90s. Remember the days where we couldn't save the game on the NES? Donkey Kong is meant to be challenging, I remember spending ages on certain levels in DKC, the hard challenge is fun, don't take it away.

The challenge won't be taken away at all. The fact that there is a super guide in the game shows us that the game IS challenging. It's optional, so it's no problem at all.

Clearly 'Peter G' and 'fffs' are commenting without even understanding what the Super Guide is or does.

-_- some people are stupid, and clearly doesn't read the thing, at all.

The super guide is optional, the challenge, is still there... They even said, it's the hardest yet.

and if you are someone to rant about an optional setting, aren't you just as worst, if not worst, then thous who actually decide to use the setting.

Really do your research before opening your big mouth.

anywho back on topic - I think it will be actually pretty cool, for thous who haven't ever played any DK game before, and find the game too difficult, to beat.

When all is bad don't look for a easy way out. Because you wont know what to do once your out

but the developers seem to have no idea of what us old snes gamers went through


You say that like we went through some traumatic war, we played a fun video game!
And from my memory Donkey Kong Country wasn't that hard, you essentially had infinite continues if you saved frequently.

( Edited 10.11.2010 13:50 by Jimmy2000 )

I bet he looks like a Yeti.

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If anyone really wants a challenge, go play Robox. Seriously that game is insanely hard. Easily the hardest platformer I've played since the NES days (and even then). <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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