Donkey Kong Country Returns UK Ad, New Trailer

By Jorge Ba-oh 17.11.2010 4

Donkey Kong Country Returns UK Ad, New Trailer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has posted sizzling new volcano gameplay footage and the UK TV ad for Donkey Kong Country: Returns for Wii.

The new sequence finds our simian duo blast through colliding pillars, ascend up a tower with disappearing platforms and of course avoid being severely burnt! An ever-so-slightly tougher experience than the original SNES outings by the looks of things!

An equally cheeky pair have also ventured into the jungle, looking for bananas and monkeys in the UK campaign for the game. I'm a Celebrity...Get me out of here presenters and big Nintendo fans Ant and Dec are the faces of the new advert:

Donkey Kong Country: Returns is out next Monday November 21st in North America, followed by Europe on December 3rd.

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I hope there aren't too many gimmicky chase/timed sequences in DCKR. The odd rocket barrel and mine cart level is fine but the trailers seem flooded with them.

There does seem to be a lot of "chase" sequences, but from what we've played and seen there are a lot of platforming and slower paced sections too. One thing's for sure - it's a lot trickier and tougher than the classics!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

The music in there sounds very much like Metroid to me but that's not a bad thing. I like it.Smilie

Concerning the advert, it's nice and all but people who haven't played a DKC game yet won't have any clue what it is about and ads are there for exactly those people aren't they? I mean seriously, any gamer who hasn't heard of this game yet is living under a rock. So yea, they could have at least showed a little bit of the actual game.

I was also reminded of Metroid Prime's music (specifically Magmoor). I hope some atmospheric music makes it's way into the game, like in the original DKC.

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