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Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3DS

Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Kingdom Hearts producer Tetsuya Nomura shared new details on the upcoming 3DS game with Famitsu.

Speaking to the Japanese magazine (translation via Andriasang) Nomura explained that players will take the role of both series protagonist Sora with the addition of Riku, with the game trying to highlight their differences.

Nomura did touch on why the pair look as if they're in the original Kingdom Hearts period - it's a "necessity for the story".

As for environments and location, the team are working on the selection for Disney areas - new worlds blending with the old, like Traverse Town.

The producer also teased a deeper meanng to the "3" in Kingdom Hearts 3DS, with the ending of the new game possibly being the launchpad for the eventual Kingdom Hearts III.

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Box art for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

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Staff Member

I'm surprised no-one's commented on this yet, it sounds like good news.

Sounds like it'll be a great game in it's own right and the fact that it'll lead up to 3 makes it sound interesting, can't wait to see what new mechanics and worlds they include.

Stuart Lawrence
Follow Me on twitter :: @Stulaw90 || My Youtube || Backloggery
NNID: Stulaw
Our member of the week

Urgh, more pointless filler then. Birth by Sleep seems to be the only worthwhile addition to the series since KH2.

I don't know how they're gonna re-use Sora though. We saw pretty much everything he got up to from first getting the Keyblade to the point where he gets the letter from Mickey at the end of KH2. Sora had never left his home world before KH1 so I hope they don't mess too much with the continuity.

Also, Haley-Joel Osment can't voice KH1 Sora anymore. The PS2 version of Chain of Memories included deep voice Sora which was weird since he still should have had a child's voice. :s Urgh, Nomura sure knows how to go overboard. Smilie

I read on another site that this 3DS title will have NO previously used worlds except Traverse Town. We should be getting nothing but new places to visit which sounds very exciting! Wonder if we'll finally be able to go to Woody's toy box. Smilie

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