The Last Story Creator Loves Lego

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.11.2010 7

The Last Story Creator Loves Lego on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The Last Story creator and Mistwalker studio founder Hironobu Sakaguchi has no regrets about the new Wii game, plus loves Lego.

Sakaguchi's been fairly chatty on his blogs lately, and as well as a putting the final touches on the Wii-exclusive RPG, he's also been bridging his love of Lego and the Wii by building a spaceship from the Lego Wii Remote he recently received.

The Last Story will be born very soon. You can clearly hear my heart pulsing. So, with this "end", I have no regrets with this title.

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Via Siliconera.

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That's cool. I never did seen someone making a ship from it, Lego, Nintendo, and Disney, are the perfect groups to be working on the Wii. all three of them, is about being together with family, and doing something together.

When all is bad don't look for a easy way out. Because you wont know what to do once your out

Cant wait for last story, im going out on a whim here and goin to say its going to be my favourite nintendo published game on wii for 2011, beating out zelda. That is if this game gets PAL release

While I highly doubt that I'll love The Last Story more than Skyward Sword(that's impossible, actually Smilie), it'll surely be high up there on my favorites list. That is, again, if it makes its way over to Europe.

The Gooch is a man of leisure, he likes surfing also.

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Darkflame (guest) 29.11.2010#5

If I ruled the world all children would be required to have lego sets by law. Lego-benifits for lower incomes, the more well of can pay their own.
But everyone should be covered. In lego.

I am actualy convienced Lego has had more of a positive influence on childrens development (including my own) then much of my official education did. Especialy if you move onto techique.

CynicalCyanideX (guest) 29.11.2010#6

...slow news day people? LOL

That looks so comfortable.

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