Super Meat Boy Cancelled on WiiWare

By 23.12.2010 12

Super Meat Boy Cancelled on WiiWare on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Those who were looking forward to Super Meat Boy's appearance on WiiWare may find the following news to be disappointing.

Announced today, through Team Meat’s Twitter account, the company posted a new message up saying that the game has been completely cancelled for WiiWare. The news comes just over a month since the team revealed that the Wii’s lack of space was causing problems to enable its release on Nintendo’s online service. Back then, they put forward the question of whether gamers would like to see it head to retail instead, with additional bonus content.

Unfortunately, that prospect is also looking bleak now. Within the same tweet that was posted today, the company stated the following: "We are looking in to retail Wii, bit its also looking grim. still looking though." So fingers crossed, for those that would like to see the game head to the Wii.

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Bloody Nintendo. They need to stop being so stubborn and up the size limit. Smilie

Considering the type of game it is, you would be nuts not to just get it on pc. Not like any PC made this side of 1990 won't be able to run it Smilie

That would really suck. I hope that they can find a publisher for it but it's going to be hard...

It seems somewhat ironic to me that the first console version of Super Meat Boy that was announced and only came about because of Nintendo's active interest in it is the one that suffers in the end. Smilie

You know its a crying shame seeing how Nintendo has almost completely neglected their online service so much, even MORE so when you consider their consoles have had a form of online gaming since SNES and there were even plans for NES if you ever wondered what that port under your NES was, it was for a modem attachment. Sadly they've been in the same mindset since then and have never looked into internal storage space regardless having a long history.

Last two gens of Nintendo have ultimately been miserable compared to the days they were always ahead of the competition, now its just too much hope put into wiggle control, it CAN handle a little 2D platformer, but their own little rules for their short comings just makes things pathetic now.

( Edited 24.12.2010 03:31 by welshwuff )

Done and dusted on XBLA.

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Darkflame (guest) 24.12.2010#6

It still seems odd to me it took up so much space.
(Compared to, say, Robox, Cave Story etc which fit on WiiWare just fine).

now its just too much hope put into wiggle control

Critise's the lack of space sure, but Nintendos own games have hardly actualy relied upon "wiggle" that most 3rd partys seem to just use.
Theres a huge difference between "wiggle" and, say, WiiSportsResort or Metroid Corruption.

just so everyone knows, its currently 50% off on steam for PC.

It's also 33% off on XBLA, where I have it and have completed it, and it's awesome. One of THE most frustrating experiences of my life, and I loved every minute of it.

I say completed it, but the Cotton Alley is too much for my puny skills...

Add me on anything. I'm always looking for new friends/opponents/town visitors/chances to appear more popular than I actually am.

Lynk said:

I say completed it, but the Cotton Alley is too much for my puny skills...

Eff me, that chapter is hard. I've completed like half of the levels on The Cotton Alley.

Oh and have you also completed the Dark World levels? Smilie You can't say complete without missing out those buggers.

I'm actually pissed off for Nintendo not letting Team Meat go over the size limit.. they really are missing out on a gem here. It's a shame because I think Super Meat Boy would be a fantastic addition to the WiiWare library. Fingers crossed that it gets a retail release. Though highly doubtful, it may still happen.

( Edited 25.12.2010 06:46 by Mush123 )

Vegetables (guest) 25.12.2010#10

No big loss anyway. It's shit and vile.

Another reason the Wii is inferior....

I'm tired of playing kids games. (readies for fanboys to cry me a river)

Mario, Mega Man and Rayman FTW!!!

SuperShyGuy62 said:
Another reason the Wii is inferior....

I'm tired of playing kids games. (readies for fanboys to cry me a river)

How did I know it'd be you to say something like this? You're like a broken record. Find something else to complain about. Smilie

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