Dead or Alive, Samurai Warriors Launching on 3DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.12.2010 2

Dead or Alive, Samurai Warriors Launching on 3DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Tecmo Koei has confirmed two action-packed titles for the North American 3DS launch - Dead or Alive and Samurai Warriors.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions and Samurai Warriors: Chronicle will both hit the market around the same time as the 3DS launch before the end of the current fiscal year - March 2011. Both are said to utilise the 3DS tech for "smashing" new effects, with the new Samurai Warriors system incorporating new mechanics.

Via Siliconera.

Box art for Dead or Alive Dimensions

Team Ninja


Tecmo Koei





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"Smashing" as in the British slang for great?
It reminds me of Richard from Bottom.

Anyways, good news. I'll probably look into DOA, not sure about Samurai Warriors though.

( Edited 31.03.2013 10:39 by Guest )

Buster (guest) 25.12.2010#2

Will this edition have bouncing 3D jigglies (or shall I say jaggies?) A bonus 3D breasts mode I would deem a fantastic edition to the game!

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