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By Jorge Ba-oh 25.12.2010 16


It's Christmas time! We hope you have a happy, healthy and fun holiday, with all the best of luck for the New Year 2011!

It wouldn't be the perfect Christmas without a dose of Nintendo, so we've fashioned up a rather tasty tree with over twenty years of love from the Japanese game-makers.

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Have a great day guys, enjoy! Smilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

It's so...beautiful.Smilie

A Merry Christmas to all and to all a good NINTENDO 64!

It requires great courage to look at oneself honestly, and forge one's own path.

Merry Christmas to everyone in Europe! I'm just going to bed here in America, but you guys over there must be just waking up from dreams of sugar Gamecubes and frosted Virtual Boys and jumping downstairs ready to rip open your boxes of Nintendo 64s and rumble packs.

I hope everyone gets what they asked for from Santa!

Merry Christmas, fellow C3ers. Smilie

Merry Christmas to all at C3. Smilie

Hope everyone has a great day.

kyle hyde (guest) 25.12.2010#6

merry christmas cubed 3!!!! thanks for being the best gaming site!!!!Smilie

Sean (guest) 25.12.2010#7

Uhhhh...? What's that gray one next to the GameCube? It seems to me a fake Gamecube? One of those market-stall rips Smilie

That's the Panasonic Q, a Japan-only GameCube made by Panasonic with a DVD player built in. They really should have released it here. Smilie

Merry Christmas to all here. Smilie

Hope everyone has a great day and lots of fun with the presents. Smilie

Melly Chlistmas guys.

Image for
Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Merry Christmas, one and all! Smilie

The former top user was Keven! You'd probably give birth to yourself 1000 times over until you sprout wings to fly away into the fading sun, that or you'd just turn into a lesbian. Who knows @_@ - L, 12/06/09

Hope your all having fun too.

3DS Code 2578-3122-0744

Merry Chrismas!Smilie ...... Now I get to look forward to when the new year brings Zelda: Skyward Sword... can't wait!!!

Our member of the week

Before it's too late, a merry christmas to you all :

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

merry xmas everyone, and happy new year Smilie

Phoenixus said:
That's the Panasonic Q, a Japan-only GameCube made by Panasonic with a DVD player built in. They really should have released it here. Smilie

I'd completely forogtten about its existance until I saw that pic, and now I have a sudden urge to try and get one from ebay. :s

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