3DS Dating Sim Remains Faithful

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.12.2010 3

3DS Dating Sim Remains Faithful on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Upcoming dating sim from Konami, Project LovePlus, will use the system's cameras to keep your lady friends virtually faithful.

That's the thing with all these dating simulators, your virtual lovers have the tenancy to respond to anyone who taps the plastic buttons. Those days are over, with the new game using "Boyfriend Lock" technology to stop unwanted prey.

According to Konami the cameras will be used to check if the player is "her man", if not the virtual girl will end up confused.

What do you think of the idea and new Project LovePlus?

Box art for New Love Plus








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That will be a good, child safety program, because older siblings know their younger siblings gets into their games, so that will be a real good safety feature.

And it will keep others from messing around with your game, negativly.

When all is bad don't look for a easy way out. Because you wont know what to do once your out

That is interesting. I've never played a real dating sim before, so I might have to try this. And although the idea itself is really cool, I'd be afraid that after a few weeks or so of forgetting to shave she might not recognize me Smilie.

....I wonder what would happen if a girl like me played this game Smilie /shot

( Edited 27.12.2010 21:01 by Moogi )

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