Metal Sonic Gets Statue Figure Treatment

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.12.2010 3

Metal Sonic Gets Statue Figure Treatment on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Metal Sonic is the next chap from the world of Sonic the Hedgehog to receive the statue treatment from the folk at First4Figures.

The company revealed on the Facebook Fan page that Sonic's wired nemesis will be the next character to be immortalised as a a large, hand-pained resin statue as part of the Classic Sonic the Hedgehog range.

Update: The first images of the new figure in action, available in two flavours - normal and "Exclusive" light-up edition

Image for Metal Sonic Gets Statue Figure Treatment
Image for Metal Sonic Gets Statue Figure Treatment

Also on the First 4 Figures page is a sneak peak at the production behind the new statues, including what would probably give poor ol' Dr Eggman a heart-attack:

Image for Metal Sonic Gets Statue Figure Treatment

Image for Metal Sonic Gets Statue Figure Treatment

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Wow, that's pretty awesome.

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Very scary how much detail and precision goes into these statues, if I had money to spare I would certainly invest in some of these - especially the Sonic and Zelda range! Have an ickle Sonic statue sitting at my desk at work, also from F4F Smilie

Really wish they did "middle range" figures, mass produced for the casuals.

( Edited 27.12.2010 17:11 by jb )

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

sucks that they KNOW this is what people want and their more than happy to sell toys of the nostalgic style but when it comes to the new games we end up with sonic 4's mangled style.

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