Rumour: Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS Bundle?

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.12.2010 17

Rumour: Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS Bundle? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Either someone's had far too much turkey or there's some truth in a new rumour - The Legend Zelda: Ocarina of Time will be bundled with the 3DS.

According to an employee working for retailer GameStop, there'll be a "3DS some sort of Zelda title" - Ocarina of Time would be the likely contender due to time constraints for launch.

Whilst it isn't uncommon for Nintendo to bundle games with hardware (e.g. Mario Kart DS, nintendogs DS etc), plans have yet to be confirmed for 3DS launch bundles - so consider this as rumour for now.

On that note, apparently the retailer has also begun taking $50 pre-orders for the system in North America with SKU code "020132".

Whatever Nintendo's plans and 3DS outcome, launch details should be available by the end of January 2011. Would you be up for a Zelda 3DS bundle?

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If there is going to be a OoT bundle, that's what I'll buy. I won't have too much money left for other games at its launch so Ocarina of Time is going to be my only 3DS game for a while. Smilie

YES PLEASE!!! I preordered my 3DS yesterday Smilie
Now that I know I'm guaranteed one at launch, I feel much better now. Phew.

"Do a Barrel Roll!"


Chance favors the prepared mind.

OOT Bundle sounds like win for me! Smilie

Our member of the week

Well... January 19th should be when we see this confirmed... or not.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer


It requires great courage to look at oneself honestly, and forge one's own path.

An option perhaps, I doubt this'll be the only choice. I'm guessing each colour will have a bundle; if Nintendogs+Cats makes launch then Nintendo would be insane not to offer it as a package deal.

Emo185 (guest) 27.12.2010#8

All i can say is "Wheres the proof" that Zelda will be bundled with 3DS, i.e. no explanation is given in the article (for example the staff member told me because he was told from Head Office of gamestop etc) - seems like a definate rumour to me - but i could be wrong (and hopefully i am) Smilie

The 3 games i would like to see bundled with the nintendo 3ds are resident evil revelations metal gear solid 3 or dead or alive dimensionsSmilieSmilieSmilie

I've just watched a video of some gameplay footage and I have to say I am very, very impressed.

This alone has swayed me towards getting 3DS when it launches. I only hope that if Nintendo stick to the more cartoony visuals, like they have with Skyward Sword, that hopefully a Wind Waker remake might happen.

But if this is available in the launch bundles its the only one I would go for.

GameStop employees don't know anything about games that are out, never mind the ones to come...

Angus said:
GameStop employees don't know anything about games that are out, never mind the ones to come...

umm no they dont. There's 2 Gamestops in the mall where I live. I went to one yesterday and they were like: "The 3DS is only out in Japan and they haven't announced a release date for the US, so you can't preorder it."
Um it's not even out in Japan yet, and yes you can.

I finally went to the second one (who thankfully checked their email) and they let me preorder it. Every single employee at that one had already done the same Smilie

Anyways, point is, your right. Gamespot people are idiots. :-x

"Do a Barrel Roll!"

Honestly, this is a good guess, and nothing more. Gamestop employees don't usually know anything in advance, really. They tend to get info the same time as everyone else. Unless the code and their system specifically says "Nintendo 3DS and Ocarina of Time Bundle," there's basically no way of anyone at Gamestop knowing that (and honestly, the descriptions of items are almost never that detailed.) Even their preorder info is usually street info, meaning they price it and describe it as well as give the date of whatever happens to be the latest info - sometimes leading to catastrophe, in the case of games getting delayed several times (looking at you, Kingdom Hearts.)

And anyway, I don't see anything about preorders on their site. Searching for "3DS" just brings you to a page where you can sign up for their e-mail newsletter. And in any case, I've never seen a Gamestop preorder down payment over $5, so the $50 makes me think this is phony. Then again, they may ask for a higher down payment for systems than they do for games, but again, I haven't ever seen it.

Edit: Oh, is the pre-order in-store only?

( Edited 28.12.2010 02:42 by justonesp00lturn )

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Do you need to even ask that you even need to ask.....

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lenny (guest) 15.02.2011#15

i'd much rather have a ssf4 3d ed or a sims 3 bundle

taddy (guest) 15.05.2011#16

THAT would be sooooooooo cool! OMG, I hope they do, I still own the PH bundle for the dslite!

jackd (guest) 04.07.2011#17

well for the uk there is a bundle,i seen it in my game and music shop.
its golden and come with the 3ds bit i dont know what the 3ds looks like because its hidden in the box.
how do i know its a bundle,well because they have the case of the game next to the bundle n a stick on the box saying bundle ob it so ye Smilie

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