Zelda and Kid Icarus for Nintendo World

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.12.2010 3

Zelda and Kid Icarus for Nintendo World on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo are really pimping the new Nintendo 3DS hardware to the public, confirming games for the upcoming Nintendo World show in Japan.

In around 2 weeks, January 8-10th inclusive, Nintendo will be hosting a huge public trade show to allow eager Japanese gamers to get their hands on the 3DS hardware, whilst trying out a whole treasure-trove of must have first and third party games.

Playable 3DS Games/Demos

Image for Zelda and Kid Icarus for Nintendo World
  • AR Games (Nintendo)
  • Dead or Alive Dimensions (Tecmo Koei)
  • Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D The Naked Sample (auto demo) (Konami)
  • Kid Icarus (Nintendo)
  • Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D (Nintendo)
  • Nintendo 3DS Camera (Nintendo)
  • Nintendogs + Cats (Nintendo)
  • Pilot Wings Resort (Nintendo)
  • Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (Level-5)
  • Resident Evil Revelations (Capcom)
  • Ridge Racer 3D (Namco Bandai)
  • Samurai Warriors Chronicle (Tecmo Koei)
  • Steel Diver (Nintendo)
  • Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (Capcom)
  • Winning Eleven 3D Soccer (Konami)
  • There'll also be various games shown on the screens as part of a video reel, including the likes of Super Monkey Ball 3D, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Starfox 64 3DS and Animal Crossing 3D.

    Alongside the playable demos and videos, the stage will host several presentations to help introduce the system and the games, with the help of top franchises like Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil.

    Via Andriasang.

    Box art for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D





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    Great list, hope to see more of the same when these tours hit off in the West!

    Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

    Excitement Level: Maximum.

    I am disappointed that Starfox 64 3DS and Paper Mario 3DS aren't on the list of playable demos, I thought those two would for sure be launch titles.
    Nintendo PLEASE take your time on Paper Mario 3DS! Make it as great as the first and second so I can replay it 20-25 times. Smilie

    "Do a Barrel Roll!"

    Its the first one on the list that interests me the most.

    http://www.fanficmaker.com <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
    Last update; Mice,Plumbers,Animatronics and Airbenders. We also have the socials; Facebook & G+

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