Super Swap Coming to Nintendo DSiWare

By Adam Riley 29.12.2010

Super Swap Coming to Nintendo DSiWare on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Polish developer and publisher Teyon has confirmed the European release date of Super Swap for the Nintendo DSiWare download service. Its next title for DSiWare will be a puzzle / logic project by the name of Super Swap that will be hitting the European download store early next year, on 7th January, 2011. Any gamers interested in getting the latest title will be able to buy Super Swap for a mere 500 Nintendo Points from that date onwards.

Can't get enough of swapping puzzle games, but want something different? Swap till you drop with Super Swap, an exciting blend of arcade action and Match-3 fun. Drag colourful blocks in one of four directions to connect three or more blocks and clear the board. As new blocks fall, you will have to move fast to keep the stack from reaching the top. Experience plenty of twists and never-seen-before gameplay as you make combos, collect special power-ups and gain additional points in four different game modes. With so much fast and furious puzzling fun, you will never want to stop the swapping!

The official Super Swap website has also now launched in preparation for the game’s release.

Box art for Super Swap








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