European WiiWare Comes Under Heavy Fire

By Adam Riley 29.12.2010

European WiiWare Comes Under Heavy Fire on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The Polish development outfit Teyon, which only just revealed the release date for Super Swap on the Nintendo DSiWare service, is back once again with another announcement; this time to unveil Heavy Fire: Special Operations will be landing as a nice post-Christmas treat in Europe on WiiWare this coming Friday, 31st December, 2010, following on from its great success over the pond on the North American Wii download store. This arcade action-packed shooter will allow Wii owners hooked up to the Wii Shop Channel to begin the new year of 2011 with explosive fun for only 500 Nintendo Points.

Join the elite army unit in Heavy Fire: Special Operations, an arcade shooter for WiiWare. Play challenging missions in the Middle East from the ground, Humvee or Blackhawk. You will need a quick trigger-finger to finish extremely dangerous levels. Rise through the military ranks and get more and more powerful weapons differing in features and controls. Replay the game to improve your best score that can be submitted to the world ranking. Make combos and smash the environment to get more points. You can take out enemies in a single-player mode or with the additional firepower of your friend in a multi-player. The Wii Zapper accessory is supported, but not required.

The official website of the game can be visited by heading here.

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