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By Jorge Ba-oh 31.12.2010 3

European Inazuma Eleven DS Trailer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Earlier this week Level-5/Nintendo revealed a new trailer for the upcoming European localisation for popular RPG football sim, Inazuma Eleven.

The games and franchise already has a fairly strong following from fans outside Japan, and now nearly three years after its initial Japanese release, Europeans will be able to get a slice of the football-RPG love on DS next month. Inazuma Eleven makes its debut on 28th January, 2011.

The first English screenshots have now been added to the media folder, the trailer can be viewed below, and at the bottom is the official blurb about Inazuma Eleven from Nintendo of Sweden's official website.

Locate talent from over 1,000 different characters and recruit the best for your team. Inazuma Eleven is a football game where you play both on and off the pitch!

Out with realism and in with the fun!
As we know, there are very many football games to choose from for those interested in the sport. Are you a person who requires ultra-realism and are of the mind that the game quality drops significantly if there are no real player names? Forget Inazuma Eleven then and just play Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA instead. If you are, however, looking for a football game that makes the sport more fun and takes it to new levels, then you had better keep reading!

A mixture of RPG and sports
Inazuma Eleven is not just about scoring goals, it is also a deeply involved RPG, reminiscent of various management games (but much funnier, of course!). You take the role of a teenager called Mark Evans who is trying to put together the best football team in his school. To succeed in his task, he must talk to lots of totally different characters and get to know them. There are over 1,000 players to trial in total, and the best part is that they are not just copies of each other, but of over 1,000 unique characters.

Of course you can play football too, but just like in Mario sports games, there are certain things that are different Inazuma Eleven from the usual sport outings. First of all, you can play both in a usual eleven-a-side team, but also in special teams of four players per side. In these special matches, you get different missions that must be accomplished, for example, to retain possession of the ball for a set amount of time. What was it like when playing sports games in the world of Mario? Well, similar to those, it is possible to use special moves to stop your opponents in Inazuma Eleven. Fire, ice and water, you can have a lot of fun with them...

No football game is complete without a multiplayer feature, and Inazuma Eleven allows for four people to play at the same time. Moreover, it is possible to swap players from your team with friends. Data can be sent to other players via the DS Wireless Communications function.

Box art for Inazuma Eleven





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Finally! I did a hands-on with this back at the end of 2007 Smilie

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They should release the anime here. It could end up being quite big.

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