Dodo Found in Japan?

By Adam Riley 31.12.2010 3

Dodo Found in Japan? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

AlienAfterAll's superb DodoGo! for Nintendo DSiWare looks to be finally heading to Japan. Following the release of the original outing from Neko Entertainment and AlienAfterAll earlier this year, it appears that Beyond Interactive Inc will be launching the cute action puzzle title in Japan early in 2011. The developer has already dropped a few hints about the Japanese release via the game's official website. The main clue is how a Japanese flag recently appeared on the leader board feature of the game's website site (see image below), whilst there is also a connection with Japanese publisher Beyond Interactive, Inc, an outfit that recently had great success with the release of GlobZ Team's Globulos Party, also on DSiWare.

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Cubed3 heaped praise on DodoGo! back in May 2010, awarding it 9/10 and calling it "a splendid action puzzle effort that successfully marries the best elements of other much-loved games, whilst mixing in numerous interesting quirks of its own to help give [it] a unique identity", and will be reviewing its DSiWare sequel, DodoGo! Challenge in the next couple of weeks. Back in September, Cubed3 caught up with the game's creator, Denis Mercier, to talk about the project in more detail, and with any luck we will soon be reporting final confirmation of the game's release in Japan, followed by a success story of it sweeping the nation as it truly deserves to.

Have readers tried either DodoGo! or its sequel, DodoGo! Challenge?

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I've got the first DodoGo and think it's fantastic. I've not completed it yet as it gets quite difficult so probably won't get the second since it's said to be even harder. Smilie

Definately recommend the first. Smilie Only if you master the first should you get the second though. Smilie

I'm just downloading the second one now. Can't wait Smilie It's 500 Points, as opposed to the 800 of the first one.

That leaves me with 1,600 Points left to spend...Hmm, might get Divergent Shift first of all. Then not sure what else. Not downloaded any DSiWare stuff in AGES!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

Lol, When I first read the news post, I thought it was a Dodo's skeleton/fossil. Smilie) but then I realized it will be the game.

When all is bad don't look for a easy way out. Because you wont know what to do once your out

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