Move 3DS to Look Around in Zelda: Ocarina of Time

By Jorge Ba-oh 08.01.2011 12

Move 3DS to Look Around in Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Lucky folk over in Japan are getting their gaming palms on the 3DS, with new details emerging from the Zelda 3DS demonstration.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is being reborn on the handheld, and with it brings revised visuals/texture work and 3DS specific enhancements to bring a slice of extra innovation to the experience.

We've seen in past screenshots that the bottom half, the 3DS touchscreen, is used to host the item inventory. It's also now confirmed to house a "tap for camera" feature, where you can switch viewpoints and look around using the 3DS circle pad in first person.

Image for Move 3DS to Look Around in Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Fairly standard, however the 3DS's physical cameras can also come into play, letting players look around by moving the 3DS as an optional motion-controlled camera. You can fire projectiles in this mode if you wish also.

The touch screen will also hold your map and a flashing Navi button if she dares tries to interrupt your adventure with useful tips and advice.

Via Andriasang live tweets.

What do you think of the feature - would you use the 3DS to look around and fire weapons, or will you be sticking to the regular analogue feature?

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I'll probably try it out once out of curiosity but in the end I guess I'll stick with the regular controls. Smilie

I could never get used to gyroscope camera controls on the iPhone. It is cool in theory but I'll pass. I'll feel too odd swiveling in my chair to move the camera.

Our member of the week

In private yeah, I'd use it. In public ? NEVER Smilie ! If I lived in Japan where people know that it's because you use your console, I wouldn't mind, but people in my parts are much too technology illiterates.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

It sounds a bit gimmicky to me. The standard controls worked perfectly in OoT and probably shouldn't be messed with too much.

Definitely want to try it out! In practice/heat of the battle probably won't be worth using, though great to see optional innovation Smilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

What I'm wondering is how they're going to implement the Ocarina with the lack of face buttons, unless they do something like use the touchscreen for that.

This game isn't going to be very lefty friendly :/, unless you still have to pause to switch items, or maybe be like Pokemon and automatically pause when you click the items button, so you can assign them to buttons.

I wouldn't mind trying out the 3D motion camera.

( Edited 08.01.2011 14:00 by Stulaw )

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I really like the sound of this. Will definitely give it a try. Smilie

Stulaw said:
What I'm wondering is how they're going to implement the Ocarina with the lack of face buttons, unless they do something like use the touchscreen for that.

Lack of? I don't get what you mean. You tap Ocarina on the touch screen, Link gets out his Ocarina and then you use the D-Pad and/or ABXY buttons to play.

And I can't see how being left handed should be a problem seeing as you play the game using the pad and buttons like you would a console Zelda. The touchscreen buttons only need you to tap a button with your thumb or something. (left or right hand) Smilie

I think you can pause the game and use the touchscreen with the stylus as normal to assign items to touchscreen buttons.

( Edited 08.01.2011 14:39 by Ifrit XXII )

I read that MGS lets you take pictures in game. I wish they'd put that in OoT. Well, I think it would be great to include that in all 3DS games.

"Do a Barrel Roll!"

Sounds like a great idea, not sure if it'll work but at least they give us the choice of using either this or the classic style. Will definitely try it out.

Won't that just mean that the screen is at an acute angle when you're doing that? LCD screens don't cope so well with such things. Your OoT will seem to have a negative filter on it.

What a seriously clever idea, I agree with SirLink, try it out of curiosity, and then leave it. Apart from showing people who dont have a 3DS how cool it is

They should try this for an FPS title Smilie

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