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Rumor: New Pokemon Battle Game for Wii?

Rumor: New Pokemon Battle Game for Wii? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A Nintendo rep at CES 2011 has suggested that a new Pokemon game is in the works for the Wii, combining battle and story.

According to Pokemon website BulbaNews, it was suggested that a battle title similar to the GameCube Poke-RPG Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness with the graphics of previous Wii game Battle Revolution is in the works at Nintendo as the next disc release. It's said to support the full roster, including the 156 new critters to be uncovered in Black and White.

It was brought up when a Nintendo representative mistakenly asked:

"What I want to know is will the Wii title that they are making that is similar to Gales of Darkness have full connectivity with Black and White?"

Would you be up for a new 3D Pokemon game on the Wii? Did you enjoy the story/adventure mode in Gale of Darkness - would you like to see the feature return?

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09.01.2011 13:32



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Indy (guest) 18.05.2011 10:35#26

Yeah gale of darkness story like.. but without the snagging and you can choose betweer 1 of the startes from pokemon black/white and even catch some in the wild

Austin Edwards (guest) 21.06.2011 19:33#27

IT would be AWESOME!!!!! to see a new game combining the 2 games with storyline and others. I would like to see more shadow pokemon and including new shadow moves. At the end it would be good if they would let you wirelessly trade pokemon so completing the pokedex would be much simpler!!! The last thing i want to see is........ What legendary pokemon could you possibly get besides the newest generation of pokemon? It would be cool to get dialga palkia and giritina!! Im hoping this rumor is created into a real game very soon!!!!


rstar8 (guest) 29.06.2011 07:31#28

I'm glad that a pokemon game for wii may be coming out (thats rpg). I think motion with the wii remote will make pokemon become more interactive and fun. I think all of us pokemon fans have been waiting with high hopes for this. I'm extremely excited Smilie Smilie

Justus Rowe (guest) 04.07.2011 03:57#29

yea also if you could catch wild pokemon like on the handhelds it would be completely awesome and eye contact trainer battles and towns you walk or fly too but with the wii 3d look

Justus Rowe (guest) 04.07.2011 03:57#30

hell to the yes put i would prefer it to have gym leaders and a elite four in 3d graphics

Guest (guest) 15.07.2011 00:15#31

if they took all the ds games, game boy games, put it in 3D, and had it so you could go to any of the regions starting out, and you could start a new one when you got finished and keep all of your pokemon you catch, that would be awesomeSmilie

they should not make the grahpics like the pokemon game for the wii i shucked they should make the grahpics like pokemon games on the gamecube

joshua daigle (guest) 18.07.2011 08:53#33

dont make the graphics like the pokemon game on the wii make them like the gamecube games but upgraded a little

Joseph Haymer (guest) 25.07.2011 13:59#34

i want a game like pokemon stadium

holika (guest) 03.08.2011 14:02#35

i would love if there was a game like that.........on which you could go on a adventure........that has been my dream to play a pokemon match like that.

PSmilie-if you are pls make sure that the user is ash and that we get to do our actions..

thank you very much
pls make my dreams com true
i am a 11 year old

Sydney (guest) 10.11.2011 06:55#36


john (guest) 23.11.2011 23:09#37


YYYYYYYYYY (guest) 29.11.2011 06:40#38

I don't care about all the fancy stuff. I would just like a game that's like the handheld games, only on the Wii.

POKEFREAK (guest) 10.04.2012 17:43#39

why cant they make a game combining all the worlds "johto,Kanto,Hoenn,Sinnoh and Unova regions;WHICH IS AN OPEN WORLD online WII GAME. WHERE EACH MAP IS HUGE.Smilie

Pokemon Lover (guest) 05.05.2012 01:05#40

Sounds cool, though might not be able to use it. Lost my White game.:-x

stacy (guest) 17.09.2012 06:51#41

i loved pokemon colessum and xd i still have them and play them would love to have a pokeworld where you can go to all regions for the wii. you choose your sex then you start at whatever region you want then after that you choose the next region you get to go to even orre.

isaac (guest) 19.10.2012 07:43#42

i think they should make a pokemon game were you explore all 6 regions kanto,johto,hoenn,sinnoh,unova, and the delta region also you should be able to catch all starter pokemon it should have 3D graphics and instead of walking in grass you shold be able to see the pokemon before you battle it and in trainer battles you should be able to choose either 1 or 2 pokemon to fight with and other trainers should join your group i have other ideas to                                                                                                                                            

isaac (guest) 19.10.2012 07:43#43

that sounds amazing i would love to play a pokemon game that is similar to pokemon xd gale of darkness

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