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New Footage for The Conduit 2 Wii

New Footage for The Conduit 2 Wii on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

An explosive new gameplay trailer for first person shooter-sequel The Conduit 2 has emerged from High Voltage.

Take a look at several of the lush new environments to wander through, including a frozen mountain snowscape, dilapidated ancient ruins and those regular ol' guard filled mechanical factories. Agent Ford is back, and we find out just what happened after the events of the first game.

Finally, a very ickle and super-tiny two seconds worth of multiplayer spit-screen love popped in at the very end.

The Conduit 2 is out February 15th in the US.

What do you think of High Voltage's efforts with their second Wii-exclusive alien shooter? What are you looking for in a first person shooter designed for the Wii in mind?

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13.01.2011 14:14



Box art for Conduit 2

High Voltage



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Reader comments - add yours today Comments on this Article

Still too generic but at least there's a bigger variety of environments now. With the online having added security and patches, I'm really looking forward to it! Smilie

Looks sweet, I applaude High Voltage for ACTUALLY putting forth a decent effort on the Wii. Unlike SOME devs out there (Epic & others) who are total snobs & refuse to dev for the Wii just cause their engine won't run on it.

It is not wise to speak on subjects you do not know all facts about, nor is it smart to judge a game based on looks alone. PSN: Nintendo_Gamer 3DS: 4296-3029-7422

It looks like more of the same thing which like Ifrit said is 'too generic'. Having played the 1st one, which is also generic. The only aspect that seemed to change in this trailer that I can see is more boss battles which isn't bad.

I did like menu music for the 1st one thoughSmilie

Diablo II
"I'll make weapons from your bones!" - The Smith Paladin: I will cleanse this wilderness. Deckard Cain: Stay a while and listen!

Looks much nicer than the first one. I agree that it is slightly generic, but it is better than office romps. The snow level looks like it's going to punish frame rate.

Got the CE for the first one and I had a lot of fun with the single player and about 20 hours in the MP so I'll definitely be buying part 2.

Inegyr rose (guest) 13.01.2011 20:14#6

Already pre-ordered my copy! Conduit 2 easily > Goldeneyes!

Teme (guest) 13.01.2011 20:14#7

Looks good but bland, their art directors need the sack!

needs better shaders. Right now everything is grey, grey, or grey.

Taynan (guest) 14.01.2011 21:09#9

Day 1! Golfeneye felt like such a,let down, this looks a lot more fun!

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

Looks nice, I did like the original but the game/story was a bit bland. Seems to be far more varied, but the originality just doesn't seem to be there!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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