3DS Europe / North America Event Live Feed & Video

By Jorge Ba-oh 18.01.2011 29

3DS Europe / North America Event Live Feed & Video on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

It's the big day for Nintendo of Europe/America as the final launch details for the 3DS are expected. You can be in on the action!

The beautiful cities of Amsterdam and New York are playing host to the presentations and 3DS hands-on sessions today, with details on pricing and a date expected from the European bosses.

We'll be updating our Twitter page with tasty morsels from the event, and you can also check out Nintendo's own live 3DS video presentation from the comfort of your own home!

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    I can't wait, even if the North American updates won't come until tomorrow.

    Cool!! Smilie

    I look forward to the booing when Nintendo announce a ��£250 price tag and game specific friend codes. Smilie

    J.B, the link to your twitter is a bit messed up. Smilie

    ( Edited 19.01.2011 01:23 by Ifrit XXII )

    Exciting! Let's hope Nintendo uses some of their mountains of gold coins to let Euro and American 3DSs be sold for a bit cheaper.

    Our member of the week

    So is someone from the team gonna be in Amsterdam later today ?

    ( Edited 19.01.2011 01:47 by Kafei2006 )

    Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

    Adam will be there. Smilie

    can't wait just SmilieSmilieSmilie

    PS3 is just good for Catherine, Demons souls, Dark Souls, and Folklore

    This is my day sorted. I'll finish college, grab myself some Chilli Heatwave Doritos and some Fizzy Vimto and then watch the live feed. Smilie Sounds good to me!

    Y'all can catch it on C3 Mobile too, our live twitter is now also accessible from there too Smilie

    Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

    Will definitely be following this. Can't wait to hear some concrete details.

    Our member of the week

    To think that I could have been there Smilie. Amsterdam is just a couple of hours away.

    Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

    Kafei2006 said:
    To think that I could have been there Smilie. Amsterdam is just a couple of hours away.

    You should have gone if it was that close.Smilie

    Live Steaming

    Smilie cant wait hope 3DS get alot of rpg like DS

    Man this is gonna be good!

    Nintendo Network ID: LKR000               PSN: LKR000     
    3DS: 1246-8696-120                              GT: LKR101
    Teabagged (guest) 19.01.2011#14

    W00t! 3DS Time. I AM SO EXCITED!!! Bring home the goodies Jesusraz! If they make it over €250 then don't come back LOL joke!

    Shame we don't get the sleek looking 3DS console box the Japanese get. We get small and fat ones. Smilie

    Today at 13:29: Tired. At least had chance to change in the toilets!

    phew! For a second I was worried what that pic was going to show! Smilie

    Only 20 minutes left. I'm very excited. Smilie

    Thanks for the live feed Adam.

    Who putting bets down on the pricing? Smilie I'm going to say it's going to retail at £199.99. That way it's still under £200 and makes it looks more cheaper, at first glance.

    ( Edited 19.01.2011 13:42 by Marzy )

    Got my Vimto, got my Doritos, now all I need is for this god damn stream to start. Smilie

    I reckon it'll be £199.99 too, Marzy.

    I'm gonna go for £220. Smilie Nintendo will blame VAT for the price. Smilie

    Shaun the Sheep? That's Aardman's big announcement after spending 5 minutes bragging about their success? Wow. Smilie

    EDIT: Shit, now they're showing clips. What the hell. Smilie

    ( Edited 19.01.2011 14:18 by Ifrit XXII )

    Ifrit XXII said:
    Shaun the Sheep? That's Aardman's big announcement after spending 5 minutes bragging about their success? Wow. Smilie

    Lmao.. I would've much preferred Wallace and Gromit or something. Or the rumoured Raving Rabbids animation series.


    ( Edited 19.01.2011 14:22 by Mush123 )

    Only one friend code is great. Smilie

    Why is EVERYONE taking AAAGES to get the the point?? Smilie

    ( Edited 19.01.2011 14:28 by Ifrit XXII )

    Haha, this guy makes me chuckle. Smilie

    Since when did George Clooney get invited? Smilie

    Becuase Street Pass is such a haaaaard concept to grasp. They must think idiots are watching this. Smilie

    The capcom guy was on drugs. Smilie

    Ubisoft's games look proper shit. Smilie

    Very boring conference. They take an hour to get their point across and show no games. Smilie

    EDIT: $250 in the US. Smilie

    ( Edited 19.01.2011 14:42 by Ifrit XXII )

    25th March. Smilie What did he say about the price? I couldn't quite understand him. Smilie

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