900,000 3DS for European Launch, 5 Million Year One

By Jorge Ba-oh 21.01.2011 5

900,000 3DS for European Launch, 5 Million Year One on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Want to bag your portable 3D entertainment system when it hits the street in March. You can be one of 900,000 folk in Europe.

According to MCV, Nintendo plan on shipping around 900,000 units when the new console arrives in the continent. The initial shipment is said to last around the first three weeks after the March 25th 2011 launch.

After the initial wave, sources are suggestin gthat Nintendo are hoping for sales between 4 and 5 million in the first year.

The Nintendo 3DS is out in just nine weeks from today, price dependant on retailers.

Will you be picking up a 3DS console at launch?

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Even with the silly price, I don't think that is enough.

That's nowhere near enough! They'll sell out straight away & that's what they're wanting. It means they can claim they are a sellout success. They'll probably say they can't keep up with demand for it. I'm not cynical (much).

I'm pretty sure that 900,000 won't be enough. Smilie Now, I don't know how high in demand it is for the general public but I wouldn't be surprised if the 3DS launch ended up more insane than the Wii's. Completely sold out everywhere, shortages right after new waves get shipped and prices on Ebay skyrocketing.

I'm glad I preordered especially when seeing how it's going over in Japan with preorders already. Sure, Japanese people are much more interested into such stuff than most in Europe but this is not just a gaming handheld we are talking about here, it's 3D entertainment at an affordable price without glasses. I could see many people getting a 3DS even if they aren't particularly interested in playing games on it.

Anyways, I can sit back and relax, having preordered my black 3DS. Smilie

If it wasn't region locked I might have gotten it with its ridiculous price! Nintendo SERIOUSLY need to change their ways! ><

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I'd probably only pick it up at launch for that price if it came with one of those pretty girls that they display it with.

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