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By Jorge Ba-oh 27.01.2011 6

Sonic Colours in iTunes Soundtrack on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Love the level and theme music in SEGA's latest Sonic the Hedgehog adventure, Colours? Download the soundtrack on iTunes.

As well as a solid gameplay and decent visuals, one of the key stand-outs praised in the Nintendo-exclusive game was the toe-tappingly addictive music, composed of a variety of flowing piano melodies, woven into a spread of electronic love.

The collection, titled Vivid Sound x Hybrid Colors features all 82 songs featured in the Wii edition of Sonic Colours including the marmite opening theme Reach For The Stars, performed by New Jersey pop band Cash Cash.

Each track is available at 99p ($1.29) each or £7.99 ($9.99) for the complete album.

For the complete songlist, click the spoiler tab below.

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My favorite Sonic song still has to be Wrapped in Black from Sonic Rush.

I absolutely love Sonic Colors. The music had some of the most memorable music tracks I've encountered in a while. I'm definitely getting this.

I already have my favorite soundtrack of the game, which is the theme "Reach for the stars". Smilie I'll probably get more at some point but only after I beat the game with all red rings and S-rank in every stage. The theme song is all I'm rewarding myself with for beating the main game. Smilie

Aquarium Park (Act 3), is easily my favourite piece of music from the game. That nice piano part to it is great and I loved it as soon as I heard it.

I've also been addicted to it since.

Venom (guest) 27.01.2011#5

Any mp3 links like Amazon for those who aren't Apple's bitch?

When's this coming out? My friend can't find it so I guess it's not out yet.
Colours' OST is brilliant.

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