Scribblenauts: A different Kind of Snake

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.01.2011 4

Scribblenauts: A different Kind of Snake on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

You can summon all sorts of animals in Super Scribblenauts, but hidden away in the game is a Snake of a more human variety.

Konami is publishing the DS game over in Japan, and to repay the favour there's the presence of Metal Gear's Solid Snake to summon, also known as Super Scribble Snake, revealed by Hideo Kojima on his Twitter page.

The game is now available to buy in Japan.

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Wish it could be a DLC.

LunaLuma (guest) 27.01.2011#2

Lol! I thought you meant penis, still having Snake is great! What does he do anyway?

Solid Snake solves ALL your problems.

Canyarion said:
Solid Snake solves ALL your problems.

Wouldn't expect anything else from the greatest warrior on earth.

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