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By Jorge Ba-oh 31.01.2011 10

Crytek Discussing Timesplitters 4 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A forth installment in the popular first-person shooter series Timesplitters may once again become a possibility after the release of Crysis 2.

Speaking to CVG last week, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli mentioned that the team had "been discussing it, but nothing has been confirmed yet, so let's see after Crysis 2".

The series, which once belonged to the British studio Free Radical, was last seen with the release of TimeSplitters: Future Perfect back in 2005. Since then Free Radical were lapped up by Crytek, becoming Crytek UK in 2009. David Doak, who started Free Radical Design and worked for Rare, had expressed a desire to work on Timesplitters 4 as a Wii project, trying to bring together a suitable control scheme. Even some artwork and videos emerged from early concepts.

Since being acquired by Crytek though, the project has been put on hold for discussions - but is seeming more likely after the upcoming release of Xbox 360, PS3 and PC game Crysis 2.

Via Joystiq.

Would you like to see a new entry in the Timesplitters series? If Crytek did bring Timesplitters 4 to Nintendo consoles, what features would you like to see included?

Box art for TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

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Been dying for TS4 for years now. It's another one of those series you gotta have faith in a sequel being made (like Shenmue). Map making and stuff was born for online too. Do hope it happens some day.

Same - loved the original Timesplitters, and a forth one would be just lurvely! One thing Free Radical got right was character variation, wacky designs and as you say - the map making feature. Still, probably won't be Wii bound imo - would have been with FR, but with Crytek probably not.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I was thinking about this the other day as I was blasting through the Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo (which was build by Crytek UK, AKA Free Radical) and it definitely has their flair on it. Its been too long since shooters haven't taken themselves serious (screw Bulletstorm). I can still remember the Gears of War style teaser trailer from several years back. Make it happen, make the on-line awesome, and above all, let there be monkeys.

However, aren't Crytek working on another project? A gladiator-esque title? I remeber there being a teaser trailer at last years E3.... Or maybe Crytek UK will be able to work separately on TSIV....

a.g1990 (guest) 31.01.2011#4

It been awhile a new eerie of timesplitters cool characters like duckman frame badass cybor n don't forget the monkeys it be great if part 4 th came out soon especially on the X-boxs 360....

Will-ko (guest) 31.01.2011#5

For Wii? WTF *facepalm*

Well let's just hope they've abandoned the idea of putting it on the Wii....

Make it a 360 title please. This needs a strong online set-up.

Add me on anything. I'm always looking for new friends/opponents/town visitors/chances to appear more popular than I actually am.

knighty said:
Well let's just hope they've abandoned the idea of putting it on the Wii....

Let's hope they haven't.

Greame Norgate (guest) 31.01.2011#9

Why not just put it multiplatform? It's a strong enough series to do well on Wii and Xbox, PS3 and PC.

Guest (guest) 31.01.2011#10

Strong enough to do well on Wii? Not with the way the majority of the current userbase is buying. This game would sell like crap. Don't waste your time, devs. I don't think Crytek would consider it anyway.

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