Fan Made Zelda Sword and Shield

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.01.2011 14

Fan Made Zelda Sword and Shield on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Most fans draw, play music or write fan fiction. One Zelda fan has gone a step further with his cosplay exploits.

A blade/cosplay enthusiast Aaron from Fiberglass Blades, recently put together a rather gorgeous Master Sword and Hylian shield from the Legend of Zelda series, including rediculously intricate detailing, aluminum reinforced and glazed with automotive paint. Yep, the stuff that keeps your cars nice and shiny!

Aaron's done both the Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess varieties, which can be seen close-up on his site.

Image for Fan Made Zelda Sword and Shield

Image for Fan Made Zelda Sword and Shield

Image for Fan Made Zelda Sword and Shield

Image for Fan Made Zelda Sword and Shield

Via GoNintendo.

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Impressive stuff. All he needs to do now is make the mirror shield.

I want one Smilie.

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Man, this is awesome. I made my own Master Sword and Shield too but only out of wood because that's all I am capable of. Smilie

Oh wow that's insanely impressive Smilie

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Defiantly the best yet Smilie

Awesome. Smilie

Wow! Such detail!

very sweet Smilie

it reminds me of some comedy show "when was the last time you got into a sword fight?"


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I.... have to go change pants.... Smilie

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Don't like the sword it looks a bit childish, but the shield..... I would pay serious money for! WANT!

bjwbjdw (guest) 19.05.2011#11

where can I find the dark hylian shield replica I want one

Nick (guest) 06.08.2011#12

thing was pretty heavy to hold too loL!!

please. for the love of god. name ur price. i want it. i have till january 23. i beg u. let me buy it.

livingdeadgirl7108 (guest) 16.10.2011#14

please...can i buy this from u??? please.

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