Take a Look at Conduit 2 Multiplayer

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.02.2011 1

Take a Look at Conduit 2 Multiplayer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

High Voltage have put together a new trailer packed to the brim with multiplayer footage from upcoming Wii shooter, The Conduit 2.

The new game, published by SEGA, aims to expand on the single player campaign and story, but also bring together multiplayer elements that were lacking in the series debut. Four player local split-screen, 12 person online play, a wealth of modes, locations and weaponry are amongst some of the new features in The Conduit 2. Fancy a go? Take a look at the following montage to see what to expect.


The Conduit 2, after some polishing and refinement, is due out in April. What do you think of the upgraded multiplayer segment?

Box art for Conduit 2

High Voltage




First Person Shooter



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It looks like it could be fun. I hope it is. I love to play some good multiplayer shooting online with the Wii.

If it gets good reviews, I'll try to pick it up.

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