Legendary Pokemon Victini Revealed

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.02.2011 2

Legendary Pokemon Victini Revealed on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

That downloadable Liberty Pass may just unlock a secret Pokemon or two in the Pokemon Black/White, including the legendary Victini.

Last month it was revealed that a handful of retailers will be distributing a downloadable ticket known as the Liberty Pass. It'll let you board a ship that's conveniently about to set sail as you approach, and voila - your new found rare Pokémon is within your grasp.

Victini won't be around for long tho, as players will only be able to battle/catch until April 10th, after-which you'll have to settle with, oh, shall we say, Mewtwo.

Here's a short snippet of Victini in action:

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I swear to god if i have to travel to bristol again for this....

welshwuff said:
I swear to god if i have to travel to bristol again for this....

It'll also be available over wi-fi at launch. Smilie

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